Sunday, October 13, 2019
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Secure Messaging by TMCentral TechnologiesYour business has a simple need: Send EMail Securely.  You don't want sensitive information "slipping out" for the world to see - whether it be health records, employee or customer information, or intellectual property.  You need to comply with your industry's regulatory guidelines and laws.  You don't want to lose productivity by making your employees manually protect every document that leaves your email accounts. You don't want to rebuild or rethink your programs or infrastructure, or buy yet another server. 

Is this your business?  Then you need TMCentral Technologies' Secure Messaging.  It's easy to use.  If you're the sender,  you just send emails like you always have - your email server passes it on for securing if needed.  If you're the recipient, then you receive a customized notification of each Secure Message complete with a link to a simple secure sign-up/login. 

It "plugs-in" to your existing email system (or we can get you a good email system inexpensively if you don't already have one!).  It's completely configurable for password complexity, message retention and purging, logo and branding, and more!  It's hosted on your systems so the messages are as secure as the rest of your network.  

Secure Messaging from TMCentral Technologies - when you need Simple, Secure EMail.
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